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I was born in 1975 in Poland. In 2002

I graduated from Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in glass and ceramics. In 2002 I received my diploma in glass design as well as my diploma in painting. At the moment I am living and creating in The United Kingdom. My works are collected in Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Italy, The United Arab Emirates and The United Kingdom.

I use acrylic, oil and gilding on wooden panels. Recently

I moved on to create digital paintings.



Academy of Fine Arts-Wroclaw/Poland


May 2004 / Galerie Zoo / Strasbourg - FRANCE

June 2004 / Gallery the other way / Cracow - POLAND

March 2005 / Polska Institutet / Stockholm – SWEDEN

May 2008 / AAF / New York – USA [with Vernissage ]

October 2008 / AAF / London - UK  [with Vernissage]

February 2009 / 20/21 / London – UK [with Vernissage]

October 2009 / AAF / London – UK [with Vernissage]

September 2010 / 8th Small Painting Triennal-POLAND

May 2016/Galerie DIA/Wroclaw-POLAND

October 2016/Artmarket/Budapest-HUNGARY

July 2017/ The Society of Women Artists 156th Annual

Exhibition/The Mall Galleries  /London-UK Rosemary&Co Prize

September 2017/Sweet'Art Femfest/Ugly Dack/London-UK

October 2019 / La Galleria / East West  Premier Art Exhibition/


November 2019 / The Mall Galleries / ING Discerning

Eye Exhibition/London-UK

November 2020 /Hansford & Sons Gallery/Stony Stratford-UK

solo exhibition

November 2020 / The Mall Galleries/ ING Discerning

Eye Exhibition / London-UK  Meynell Fenton Prize

August 2023 / Green & Stone Gallery / London

October 2023 / The Mall Galleries / Women in Art Fair / London

If I were to define myself in a word, I would say „aesthetic”. I am a collector of beautiful experiences and my

main need is introducing harmony all around, creating spaces in which one feels comfortable, pleasant and

enjoys. I am a glass designer by trade but I have been painting for many years.

I study the matter trying to express my feelings and present my own vision of the person I am portraying.

Even here, on a small space of an image, I strive to find beauty. I look for it in human faces, eyes and hands,

even when I portray pain, loss or despair. Music, which I consider to be an important daily element,

accompanies me when I paint. I like it in the background in the everyday bustle of life but at work it comes

into it’s own as an an indispensable medium of emotions.

Good coffee, gardening, cooking for others, listening to the radio, reading books, getting to know new places

are all things in life that I love.

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